Gossip Girl Inspiration: Jenny Humphrey



I am an avid fan of the hit CW teen drama know as “Gossip Girl”. As many of you may already know, the show follows the lives of filthy rich teens that live in Manhattan’s Upper East Side and is a great source of drama and an even greater source of fashion. I was very late on the gem that is “Gossip Girl”, and didn’t start watching the show until January of 2013 (following the series finale). 

On the show Jenny Humphrey is the younger sister of Dan Humphrey, and her father marries the lovely Lily van der Woodsen. Following this marriage, Jenny changes from a sweet little middle-class girl taking a subway from Brooklyn to school into the cruel Queen Bee of Constance Prep. Her style mirrored her changing personality, and Queen J started wearing leather jackets, dark lipstick, blonde extensions and pounds of eyeliner.

I personally would not be brave enough rock a completely Jenny-inspired look in the day time. However, I find that her use of layering, accessories and leather to be ingenious. This image shows how you can rock a Jenny-inspired look without breaking the bank.

❤ Naa  

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