Gossip Girl Inspiration: Blair Waldorf



Feeling blue? Haha, this is my take on a look inspired by the queen of the Upper East Side and my favorite Gossip Girl character, Blair Waldorf. There are three things that Ms. (or for fans of the shows, Mrs.) Waldorf is known for: her cruel personality, her perfect fashion sense, and her king of the Upper East Side Mr. Chuck Bass. 

Blair dresses in a way that seems appropriate for a filthy rich teenager living in New York City. Her style exudes class, and her pieces seem to always be both preppy and polished. Blair’s style icon would most likely be Audrey Hepburn, as she enjoys the femininity brought through such everlasting pieces. 

This look is much brighter then my last few outfits, as in stark contrast to her personality, Blair has a soft spot for bright colors. I paired a simple blue coat and black stilettos with a beautiful blue ruffled shirt and navy skirt. I then added sheer navy tights in order to keep our Queen warm, and it wouldn’t be a Blair outfit without a headband, would it? Finally, a bag, some beautiful jewelry, and simple makeup ends this look that is appropriate for royalty.

❤ Naa

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