True Blood Inspiration: Pam De Beaufort


Thirsty anyone? I, like most of America, have fallen for the guilty pleasure that is True Blood. I started to watch the show around the end of season 2, and have been obsessed since the day that stumbled across it. It wasn’t the excess of attractive actors or the special effects that had me falling for the show, but the glamorously blunt enigma that is Pam De Beaufort. 

Pamela is the prodigy of one Swedish vampire Eric Northman, and was originally used as a recurring character and comical relief. Her popularity proved pivotal for the series, and her character was promoted to the main cast by season 3. Pam’s personal style changes between daytime and work. During the day, she dresses in a very Blair Waldorf-esque manor, complete with tailored suits and hats. However, at night, she becomes the mysteriously sexy and gothic object of human attraction.

The outfit I created is suited for her working nights at the vampire-friendly bar of Fangtasia. It includes a beautiful blood red corset and leather shorts paired with sheer stockings. The sky high black heels, black choker, and jewelry helps add even more allure to the outfit. Finally, her dark eye makeup, bright pink lips and perfect curls finishes this delicious style.

❤ Naa 

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