Avatar Inspiration: Fire



Long ago four nations lived together in harmony….hello my amazing viewers!!!  The “Avatar” series is one of those cartoons that define my childhood. I remember being in middle school and watching marathons of my favorite benders fighting for the good of the world. I just finished a marathon of the sequel series “Legend of Korra” and decided why not post about a cartoon!

This look is inspired by what a female member of the Fire Nation may have dressed had they lived in current times. Unlike the more peaceful personalities for the water and air nations, the fire nation is much more edgy and rocker like. The colors are inspired by the color of flames, and therefore would be perfect for a fall look. The high-heeled booties are as hot as fire, leaving an edgy look that any aspiring firebender could rock.

I feel that for a personal style, inspiration should come from all things that you love and enjoy. While magazines and movies are great, cartoons can also be a great treasure of fashion inspiration. I hope that you all enjoy this article and have a great day!


❤ Naa

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