Back To School Fashion Ideas

Hey Everyone!

By this time, most if not all of the students have just had to say goodbye to there summer vacation and return to school. However, things aren’t all bad! Like I’ve always say “School is your runway”. It is the perfect place for you to show your style an converse with friends.


As a student at a catholic school with a strict uniform, I have always struggled with expressing my style while avoiding detention for a month. This outfit is inspired by the young fashionistas of Gossip Girl, and allows for you to walk the stylish halls of school while still following the rules. The boring uniform is accessorized with bejeweled head bands and earrings, while the blazer and the heeled oxfords adds a chic touch to the uniform. 



Now, this is an outfit that I would rock if I were allowed to wear anything to school. I am in love with matching feminine staples with masculine and tough accessories, so I matched the floral skirt and top with a tough green leather jacket. The shoes are absolutely adorable, and all eyes will be on you as you walk down the halls. 


3 thoughts on “Back To School Fashion Ideas

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