Back To School Makeup Necessities

Hello Everyone!!!

By this time, summer is now gone as school is started to go up in gear. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop being fabulous! This will show all the girls (or guys) starting in makeup the bare bones of a natural and clean makeup look. 




This is a look for the girls who want to splurge on a beautiful yet doable make-up look. The concealer comes in a huge amount of shades, and will fit girls of any color. The eyeshadow palette  are full of natural, matte colors for everyday definition; the lipstick is the perfect amount of sheen to the lips. 




Now, for most high school students, you can’t afford to splurge on $27 concealers and $34 powders, so this is for you. These are products that I have personally tried and loved that could be dupes for the look above. This way, you can still look great without breaking the bank.


❤ Naa

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