The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

Hey Everyone!!!

Two amazing bloggers known as The Polish Influenza ( and ginger loves makeup ( have nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am both humbled and grateful for this nomination, as my love for blogging is finally paying off. This only motivates me to work harder and continue to improve my blogging abilities. I would also like to thank all of my lovely and beautiful followers for allowing me to reach this point. 



Now, it is time for me to nominate 15 excellent bloggers for the award:


1. Colour Me Niki ( This gorgeous young lady creates unique makeup looks and beautiful fashion posts based on celebrities and cultures. Check out her blog!


2. Kiss My Fashion ( : This veteran blogger was one of the first blogs that I ever followed here on Her love for urban fashion and style are unrivaled.


3. lookinggoodandfeelinggood ( This blogger is just as in love with fashion as I am, and comes up with beautiful fashion ideas that most style gurus can only dream of.


4. Xpressions by Sarah ( : Sarah is my DIY guru and icon. Her OOTD are to die for, and she herself has a special touch of exotic beauty that I wish I could have!


5. Alyshea Surani ( : This young lady’s  style is rivaled by none. She exudes beauty, class, and confidence; as does her style.


6. beaushiondiva ( Now if this award was for names, this girl would take the cake! But her blog is the definition of a Jack of All trades, with blog post speaking of national holidays to nail polish!


7. Kary’s Degrassi Blog ( Now this blog is a little different then the other’s on my list, as it deals with TV reviews. Degrassi, one of my favorite shows on TV, has been reviewed for years by my personal hero Kary. He is more then deserving on being on this list.


8. Vodka & Cupcakes ( This blog is about the day and life of the average 20-something year old girl. I love how simple yet relatable the blog is, as I want to be the blogger’s real best friend!


9. Pearls and Paris ( This veteran fashion expert gives a very in depth view of the fashion world. This is the type of woman I want to be when I’m finished with school.


10. Vintage Reflection ( This beautiful young lady gives the fashion world a retro twist using vintage inspired pieces to create an incredible look. I am in love with her style and she herself is flawless.


11. Pretty Little Treasures ( I can not that you enough for all of you DIY post! You have literally doubled the amount of accessories in my closet, so think of this nomination as a thank you J


12. The Fashion Creed ( This young lady’s style is almost as stunning as her beauty. She emits a sort of young and fresh glamor that inspires some of my fashion blogs. She is the definition of fabulous!


13. The Mind of an Eclecticist ( This young lady is part of my Holy Trinity of Nail Polish Enthusiast. Her nail polish creations are always so beautiful and unique, and I am absolutely in awe of my talent.


14. ginger loves makeup( GINGER!!! Thank you so much for nominating me! Even if you hadn’t you would still be on my list. You are the second member of the Holy Trinity, and I am obsessed with your looks.


15. The Polish Influenza ( Now last but definitely not least, Ms. Beth from The Polish Influenza. Now as you may know, the blogger of this site is a personal friend of mine, and she actually inspired me to get into makeup and beauty. She is one of the most deserving people of this award. And I would also love to thank you as well for the nomination. 

Now, 7 interesting facts about myself:

1) I have been in every continent except for Antarctica and Australia (which I will be visiting next summer!)

2) I have been a semi-professional female boxer since I was 8 years old. 

3) I modeled for a Mandee’s look book when I was 15 years old. It was both exciting and nerve wracking. 

4) I am a community service junkie! I am actually nearing 10,000 hours of service, and I enjoy the feeling of helping others over anything, even fashion (and thats saying something)  🙂 

5) I am of Ghanian descent, however, I was born in Miami, Florida and I now go to school in Delaware. 

6) I volunteer part-time for a suicide and rape-crisis hotline in Philadelphia. 

7) I am a classically trained opera singer (I am a dramatic contralto) 🙂


❤ Naa

8 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

    • nattohokine15 says:

      Your welcome and you deserve it! Oh yeah – I forgot to say the rule of this nomination is that you now have to nominate 15 bloggers, thank the blogger who nominated you, and tell 7 interesting facts about yourself in a blog post.

      ❤ Naa

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