Fall Fashion Trends

Hey Everyone!!!!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t wrote a post for a few days, I have been so busy. However, I decided that because Autumn is on the wayside, why not create some looks that are perfect for the weather. Just because the temperature drops, doesn’t mean your style has to suffer! Here are two looks inspired by the autumn:



This look is an edgy outfit that would be perfect for a night in the town during the colder months. This includes tight leather pants and a peplum top, along with beautiful studded booties. The makeup is more dark and sultry then that of the summer, and gives a sexy message to all around you. The accessories finish the look perfectly. 



This look is much more of a glamorous look for my girly girls!!!! I am in love with the drop tiered waist of the dress along with the printed tights. The jacket will help warm you up during the cold months, while the makeup is a little lighter and chic. This is my type of look of the autumn, as I feel it still has that tough vibe along with beauty. 

❤ Naa

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