Trend Thursday: Leather Trim and Colorful Smokey Eyes

Hello Everyone!!!!

Happy Thursday πŸ™‚ Ok, now I know that it is actually Saturday, however, last night I had this great idea of posting weekly posts about fashion and beauty trends that I have been loving throughout this week. I wanted the posts to be on Thursdays, but I had been so concentrated on beauty products this weeks that I had no time. So following this week, I will be having weekly (on Thursday) review on these trends. Now to the reviews:



I have been in love with leather trim this entire week! I believe that all women have an inner tough personality, and leather is the perfect way to express it. However, sometimes a pure leather ensemble can come off a bit biker and dominatrix-esque, so leather trim is the perfect medium. This picture shows different ways to rock this look.



I have never been into the super dark smokey look, however, a pop of color has always made me smile. The colorful smokey look allows the wear to have a sexy glance without looking either messy or overly grungy. Kristen Stewart is a perfect example of someone who can rock this look. The Smoked Palette is the perfect palette for these looks!!!

❀ Naa

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