Fashion Fanatic: Top 5 Gossip Girl Evening Gowns

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As you all know, I have decided to dedicate this entire week to my top 5 outfits from the teen phenomena that is and was Gossip Girl. For today, I decided to concentrate on the evening gowns from the show. Due to residing in the filthy rich society in the Upper East Side, the members of the Gossip Girl society were always having to dress in the most expensive and glamorous dresses for certain events. For Blair Waldorf, Jenny Humphrey and Serena Van Der Woodsen, these events were almost contest for who could rule the hallways of school and the runways that were charity events and opera theaters. This is my top 5 outfits:
5. TIE – Serena Van der Woodsen from episode 5×13 “G.G.” and episode 2×01 “Summer Kind of Wonderful”
This is the maid of honor dress that S wore to Blair’s wedding to Prince Louis Grimaldi. While the rest of the bridesmaids wore quite “interesting” single-strapped peach dresses with a large pleated skirt, Serena’s gown made all of there ensembles look like the first project in a sewing class. The gown looks absolutely perfect on her frame, and she actually steals the spotlight away from our bride 🙂
This is the grecian gown that Serena wears to the White Party during her season 2 premiere. The only reason that this dress is not number 1 is due to simplicity of the style, but I cannot find any other flaw with this look. This is most likely the most innovative use of a plain white gown that I have ever feasted my eyes upon, and it is perfection. 
4. Blair Waldorf from episode 6×10 “New York, I Love You: X.O.X.O”
This beautiful baby blue floral gown that Blair wore to her wedding to Chuck Bass (insert fangirl squeal here) was exactly what I had imagined that Queen B would look like on her wedding day. I feel that blue has always been Blair’s color, and that the style of the gown is very sophisticated and chic. Most of all, the golden headband is the most iconic fashion accessory to ever grace the Gossip Girl screen. 
3. Blair Waldorf from an unknown episode in Season 4 (Paris Arc)
This parisian dress makes Blair Waldorf look like the princess that she knows she is. The ruffles on the bodice add shape to Leighton’s petite frame, while the color is as bold as it is glamorous. The shoes are absolutely perfect, and completely revoke the fashion rule of never wearing pink with red. Finally, Blair’s red lip just ties this Parisian gown of perfection in a neat little bow. 
2. Serena Van Der Woodsen from episode 4×08 “Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”
This gown by Zuhair Murad is arguably the most beautiful gown to ever grace my eyes. Not only does the body con lining allow for the audience to gawk of Serena’s beautiful legs, but the intricate lace details that cover the lining are absolutely incredible. This dress proves to the audience that Serena will always be the It-girl of the upper east side!
1. Blair Waldorf in Episode 2×24 “Valley Girls”
The reason that Blair’s one of a kind Marchesa gown from her senior prom made #1 on this list is not only because of this great beauty, but its status as an icon. This dress completely changed the way that young women say prom, and reinvigorated the fad of buying designer dresses for that special day. This dress looks absolutely marvelous on our Prom Queen, with golden details that make Blair appear as a powerful and majestic bird. That Chuck Bass gave her the gown is only icing to the cake of this symbol of beauty.
❤ Naa


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