Trend Thursday: Peplum Jackets and Plum Lipstick

Hey Everyone!!!

It’s actually Thursday LOL. I am so excited for this week’s installment of Trend Thursday. I will keep the trends current, so all of the Thursday’s will be based on fall trends. This week I have been really into a new trend and a classic favorite, which is a new type of outerwear along with a beautiful shade of dark lipsticks. I hope you like the reviews and here we go:



During the autumn months, the temperature begins to fall and its time to take out your cutest coats and strut down the streets as your runway. Now, we have all had the fleece and leather coats, but a new trend of peplum coats have hit the racks. Peplum is known as the use of an overskirt in order to add some shape to your hips and hide a possible food baby from the public. I have been loving these jackets and how they appear over tighter clothing!!! They are one of my favorite discoveries of the autumn months. 



This personal trend has been an autumn staple for as long as women can remember. Deep plum lips add a sense of mystery and seduction to the lips, and are perfect during the colder months to add a bold color to your makeup. One of the things that I have always loved about plum lipstick is how versatile the color is on women of all colors. As I have said before, I have a NW58 skin tone, and I find it difficult to find colors that look good on my skin. This staple looks absolutely incredible on my lips, and I will never tire of this classic and sophisticated trend. 


❤ Naa

8 thoughts on “Trend Thursday: Peplum Jackets and Plum Lipstick

  1. gingerlovesmakeup says:

    Nice picks. I love peplum jackets and plum lipsticks! If they sell Astor lipsticks anywhere near you, try Astor Rouge 105 Couture Prune Lace, 108 Prune Chic and Astor Color Last 345 Provocative. And Rimmel’s Lasting Finish lipstick in 123 True Vintage might be for you! I have all of these and love them very much. Perfect plums for all skin tones. xoxo

  2. betsybgood says:

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I’m loving your blog, plum lipstick is an Autumn must have! Followed you back ^_^

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