Fashion Fanatic: Top 5 Gossip Girl Semiformal (Short) Dresses

Hey Everyone!!!

Today is the last current installment of this week’s Fashion Fanatic. I felt that even though Gossip Girl had a large amount of evening events, they also had certain events that the characters had to attend that wasn’t casual enough to wear everyday clothes but not formal enough to wear a gown. The girls would then choose some beautiful semiformal dresses and use those events as there own personal runways. Here, I have compiled my top 5 looks from these events. Here they are:

5. Blair Waldorf in episode 1×18 “Much ‘I Do’ About Nothing”



This is the dress that Blair wore to the wedding of Bart Bass and Lily Van Der Woodsen in there first season marriage of the century (or season). Even though Queen B is cruel and rules Constance with an iron fist, I love how she dresses in such feminine and classic pieces. This dress is very complimentary of Blair’s petite frame, and the pink color as a rosy glow to her perfect skin. I guess sometimes the Queen has permission to dress like a princess.

4. Serena Van Der Woodsen in episode 4×01 “Belles de Jour”




Now, I am cheating a little bit here 🙂 This dress was meant to be a casual outing while Blair and Serena explored the streets of Paris, however, I thought it was much too beautiful not to included. Blake’s one of the kind body deserved this beautiful one of a kind golden-sequined cage inspired dress. This, along with her low-maintenance fedora and cute nude-colored oxfords complete this look for either a nice lunch date or a semiformal event!

3. TIE – Serena Van Der Woodsen in episode 6×07 “Save the Last Chance” and episode 5×08 “All the Pretty Sources”





I tried and tried, but I couldn’t decide between two of these beautiful dresses worn by our own Serena Van Der Woodsen. During the final two seasons of Gossip Girl, Serena went to a plethora of events that required her to dress in semiformal gowns, and she always knew how to compliment her tall, buxom frame. The dress on the top is a gorgeous use of a bustier along with sequin, and adds even more shape to Serena’s figure. The dress on the bottom is styled to perfection using long stranded pears, with panels that add an interesting touch to the printed dress. 

2. Blair Waldorf in Episode 2×01 “Summer Kind of Love”



While I personally prefered Serena’s Grecian inspired gown for the event, I felt that it was a bit too formal for the event. Queen B keeps thing slightly more casual with this beautiful take on a bandage dress, styled with white heels and Blair’s signature headband. This dress hugs Leighton’s curves in all of the write places, and the length of the dress allows Blair to show off her killer gams for once. I especially love the pearl bracelet that Queen B wears, as I feel that it completes the look. 



I just had to add this picture of Chuck and Blair because, well, its CHUCK BASS IN ALL WHITE!!!

1. Serena Van Der Woodsen from episode 3×03 “The Lost Boy”



The winner just had to be Serena Van Der Woodsen in plum colored Herve Ledger! I love everything about this gown on Serena, from the fit, to the cut, to the length, the shoes OMG 🙂 The cutout bust allows for Serena to show off her killer bust without showing too much, which she has a tendency to do in traditionally V-neck gowns. The golden heels compliment the plum colored bandage dress, and elongate the 5’10” actresses amazing and legendary legs. Finally, the bandage nature of the dress clings to Serena’s perfect body like it’s nobody’s business, which leads to the creation of the perfect gown!

❤ Naa

P.S. Join me next week for another segment of Fashion Fanatic for: Pretty Little Liars!!!

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  1. insidemywonderland7 says:

    OMG! I loooove GG. I’ve never seen a blog post style like this before. Maybe just because I’m new to the community, but this is pretty creative! You have such a well kept blog, keep it up!

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