Fashion Fanatic: Top 5 Pretty Little Liars Casual Outfits

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This week I am doing one of the most influential television shows in teenage fashion: Pretty Little Liars. I remember when I first saw the commercials of this show, and following my slight disappointment in watching The Secret Life of an American Teenager and the break that Degrassi was taking, I decided to try the show out. I was immediately entrenched in the story and hypnotized by the incredible outfits that our four favorite liars wore week from week. For this installment of Fashion Fanatic, I am sticking to my top ten casual outfits. While this installment will only comprise of Hanna Marin and Aria Montgomery, as they are the residential fashionistas of Rosewood High School. Here we go:

5. Aria Montgomery in episode 2×11 “I Must Confess”


This ensemble is worn by our resident Artsy-Fartsy girl Aria Montgomery. This outfit consist of a pinstriped matching tank and skirt covered by a sheer, blood-colored dress. Aria then channels her inner Blair Waldorf with her matching burgundy colored headband and pearl stud earrings. I very much enjoy this outfit, as I feel that even though it is much different then Aria’s edgy style, in still symbolizes her love of art and classic beauty. Her posh bun is the finishing touch of this everlasting look of sophistication.

4. Aria Montgomery in episode 4×12 “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”


Due to her petite frame and short height, the audience barely gets the privilege of seeing Aria wear anything other then skirts or dresses. However, the costume designers had a surprise in for the audience during the season 4 summer finale when they put Aria in this beautiful pastel pink jean, black collared shirt and skull print blazer. A cream colored belt is used to give the blazer shape, and combat boots are used to make sure that the outfit does not become too feminine. I love this outfit on Aria, as I feel that it is a great example as to how to create an edgy take on a normally casual outfit.

3. Hanna Marin in episode 3×07 “The Kahn Game”


I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Hanna Marin rock this beautiful Aztec-print yellow and white body con dress. This is definitely an outfit I would think to find on Aria, as it has an edgy vibe to it with the tough biker jacket and the peep-toe leather booties. A black belt is used to synch Hanna’s enviable waist and emphasize her gorgeous curves. The icing of the cake of this outfit is the layered necklaces, Hanna’s dark eye makeup and her beautiful leather bag.

2. Hanna Marin in an unknown episode in Season 2


This outfit is a textbook Hanna ensemble, consisting of staple feminine pieces and classic glamor. I love the minted ruffle top, and it matches perfectly with the mini black bandage skirt. Hanna then puts on a pinstripe blazer on top of the top in order to add a certain touch of Rosewood class. This outfit came a little earlier in the TV show, and it is one of the few Hanna outfits that sticks in my mind due to how flattering it is on her body type. The heels once again lengthened her beautiful legs, and makes Hanna look like a model on the go.


This is just a close up look of Hanna in this outfit. I just love Hanna’s perfectly curled hair and feminine makeup, as I feel that it is perfect for Queen Bee of the school

1. TIE – Aria Montgomery in Season 3 and 4



I have to admit, I am a little biased here. Throughout my obsession of Pretty Little Liars, I have learned that I own over 6 different articles of clothing that Aria has worn on the show. I am obsessed with her style, and feel that she is most likely one of the most influential characters on TV when it comes to fashion. In the earlier seasons, I sometimes felt that Aria’s style could come off as if she was trying a bit too hard. However, by season 3, she consistently came up with unique, strange and incredible outfits that would leave me staring in awe. I couldn’t choose just one outfit from throughout these seasons, so I just chose to include her entire wardrobe.

❤ Naa

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