Trend Thursday: Ankle Booties and Gel Eyeliner

Hey Everyone!!!

I am so sorry for the lack of post this week! I have been very sickly lately, and I have barely been able to get out of bed let alone write an appropriate post for all of my fabulous readers. For the second week, I have made a Trend Thursday post on Saturday, but the overall idea has stayed the same. These are trends that I have been loving for the fall, particularly a fashion trend and a beauty trend. I actually have been loving these two trends for my entire fashion life, and I use them on almost a daily basis. Here you go:



I am obsessed with ankle booties in every shape and form!!!! They are able to make your feet look smaller, add height to your frame, and they are so much more comfortable then heels. They are also great for the autumn as they are as warm and sweat inducing as boots but they aren’t as cooling as sandals or oxfords. In the picture above, I included everything from western cowgirl boots to tough leather booties for a night on the town. For all girls who are starting out on fall fashion trends, ankle booties would be one of my top picks.



Intense gel eyeliner is one of the most beautiful makeup trends that I have ever seen in my life. Traditional eyeliner is used to add some definition to your eyes and make your lash line look thicker. However, with the creation of liquid and gel eyeliner, beauty trends became much more intense. Now, eyeliner can be used to completely change the look of your lids and add attention to your eyes. While gel and liquid eyeliner can be a little tricky the first few times you apply it, practice makes perfect. I particularly recommend the Bobbi Brown Eyeliner and Maybelline Gel Eyeliner.

❤ Naa

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