Fashion Fanatic: Top 5 Semiformal Pretty Little Liars Dresses

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Since I was so sick last week, I was no able to post many post that I had planned for the week. I have decided that for this week, I will post daily in order to make up for lost time! Its so exciting, since I’m not use to creating different reviews and lists on a daily basis, but I feel that its only fair since I missed so many this week. Today, I will continue with Fashion Fanatic and include my personal Top 5 Semiformal, or short dresses, that the Pretty Little Liars wore throughout the series. Due to the events requiring the girls to step up there game in the dress department, this will include ALL 4 LIARS WOO!!!! Here we go:

5. Aria Montgomery in episode 1×15 “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie, Again”



When I first saw this dress on Aria, my face looked exactly liked Ezra’s: she looks incredible. Aria is my favorite fashion icon on the show due to her artsy and edgy yet feminine style, but this dress is pure glamour. The length is perfect for Aria’s frame, and allow her to show off her toned legs without revealing too much. The satin is absolutely gorgeous, and gives off a very chic and expensive vibe, while the color represents passion and seduction, perfect for the first legitimate date with your older boyfriend. I must say, I am very impressed with my porcelain liar.

4. Spencer Hastings in the Season 1 and 2 Promotional Photos



I am usually not a fan of Spencer’s taste, as I feel she a bit too preppy. However, I love this peach colored ruffled mini on her frame. Spencer is the second tallest liar at 5’7”, and she has a very slim frame. The ruffles are able to give shape to parts of her body that may be lacking without making her look any larger. The length of the dress shoes off her beautiful, long legs, while the layered necklaces are a very cute accessory to the look. I also love Spencer’s perfectly wavy hair and subtle smokey eye in this look.

3. Emily Fields in episode 1×14 “Careful What U Wish 4”



Shay Mitchell, the beautiful and talented actress that portrays resident swimmer Emily Fields, is a model in real life; and this dress shows it. The keyhole in the front and the halter neck line are very flattering, as is the royal blue on Ms. Fields beautiful, exotic skin tone. I also love the hemline of this dress, which was originally meant to be a long gown until the costume designer of the show shortened it. It is just very majestic and Grecian inspired. Overall, I think this dress matches the laid back personality of Emily.

2. Aria Montgomery in episode 1×14 “Careful What U Wish 4”



Now, while I love the satin Red Dress that Aria was wearing on her date with Ezra, I feel that this dress matches her style much better. The black sequin dress is actually a combination of three different pieces of clothing meshed together to create this masterpiece. The dark color is very slimming on Aria’s petite frame, while the bodice looks incredible on her chest. The golden embellishment on her shoulder adds a bit of glamour to the look. Her hair and makeup finish off this look to create the perfect mix of edge and glamour. 

1. Hanna Marin from the Season 1 and 2 Promotional Photos



Now, I personally had a very hard time choosing my number 1. I have always loved Aria’s style, and I felt that her dress at the Dance-A-Thon (#2) was incredible, but I just kept coming back to this gown. I have always been a sucker for bustier, so I decided that this dress had to be number 1. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESS!!! The gray color is just so versatile for girls of any skin tone, particularly the lovely Ashley Benson. Her necklace is the most beautiful yet subtle embellishment to the dress, and the ruffles add some shape to her hips while minimizing her waist. The shoes add elongate Hanna’s beautiful legs, while the hair and makeup finish of this phenomena.

❤ Naa

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