Autumn and Winter Tag!!!!

Hey Everyone!

The amazingly beautiful Ginger of Ginger Loves Makeup ( tagged me!

1) Whats your favorite autumn lipstick?



My favorite Fall Lipstick is a combination of MAC Lipstick in Cyber on the edge of my lips and Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Balm in Richer Raisin on the center of my lips. The intense blackish purple of Cyber on the edge of my lips is then calmed by the beautiful plum color on the center of my lips. This is my go to Fall lipstick combo!

2) Whats your favorite autumn trend?


This is a very hard one, but I would have to say Fit and Flare Long Coats (think of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl). They are one of the fashion items that I love for Autumn, as they are so classic and sophisticated. The picture above is a coat from ASOS that I added to my collection a year ago (mine is a wine color, but I couldn’t find a good picture).

3) Whats your favorite autumn candle?

I’m not really a huge candle lover, but you can never go wrong with Cinnamon-Spiced Apple scent.

4) Do you have any autumn traditions?

My family and I always visit the local Apple Orchids in order to pick up fresh fruit and eat some freshly spiced donuts — I LOVE IT!!!!

5) Whats your favorite thing about autumn?

Definitely the colors changing of the leaves – red and orange are two of my favorite colors. 

6) Whats your favorite clothing of item for autumn?



Printed Tights! I love wearing skirts and shorts during the Autumn, and by adding some cute tights, you can look fabulous while keeping warm in the falling fall temperature. 

7) Favorite autumn nail polish?



Whenever I do my nails, I always use a metallic finish. As said in a previous post, I think that wine and plum colors are perfect for the colder seasons. This particular picture is of a NYX nail polish, and I can’t find the website where the picture is from because its now disconnected, but I am obsessed with it!

8) Favorite autumn beverage? 


I am obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED with Vanilla Chai Tea. My favorite brand is from Bolthouse Farm, which you can find at your local supermarket. You can either drink it iced for a refreshing beverage or warmed for a pick me up in the morning. 

9) Favorite autumn snack?

Pumpkin-spiced muffins. 

10) Which celebrity inspires you most in autumn?


Lily Collins – I just love how bold her eyebrows and lips are throughout the year. I think that she is a beautiful and talented actress, and she is definitely my fall inspiration of this year. 

I Tag:

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❤ Naa

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