Homecoming Dress Styles and Inspirations!

Hey Everyone!!!

It is mid-October, meaning that most high schools and colleges are going to be celebrating there homecoming dances soon! Homecoming is traditionally meant to be a semiformal event used to welcome back students from the summer. Even though school usually starts in August or September, the homecoming dance only occurs in October in order to allow for people to get back into the rhythm of school and get to know those around them. Today is my Homecoming, however, I was too sick to attend sadly. But I decided to do the second best thing and make a blog post on different dress style for different styles! Here you go:

If your personality and style is bold, free, bohemian and a little laid back, then you should go for PRINT:



Printed dresses are bold and beautiful, with there unique patterns and interesting shapes, these dresses are perfect for people who wish to be different then the pack. However, prints can also be understated, which is great for people who have a very laid back type of style. Some celebrities that have been spotted wearing print include Kate Moss, Karolina Kurkova and Emma Watson!



This is just an editorial I found on printed dresses from Cosmo. 

If your personality and style are more feminine, classic and soft, then you should go for LACE:


Lace is one of the most beautiful and heavily used fabrics of all time. Women throughout history have worn this classic staple, and look absolutely beautiful and heavily sophisticated. If you are the type of the girl who falls in a more classical category, and want to have an air of class around them on there dance night. Celebrities that love lace include Taylor Swift, Elizabeth Taylor (bless her soul) and Hailee Steinfeld. 

If your personality and style are much more tough, edgy and a little dark, you should try LEATHER:


Oh yeah, go leather! Leather and pleather (my go to fabric) are made for the edgy, powerful women who want to exert there power through there style. Now, while leather is traditionally black and brown, it now comes in an assortment in colors so that you can show your personality in an assortment of ways. Celebrities that are currently rocking the leather look include Taylor Momsem, Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams of Paramore. 

If your personality is loud, glamorous and perky, your dress should be SEQUIN:



Aw, sequin, the fabric choice of R and B and pop princesses of the world. Sequin is such a loud statement, and shows the world that you are ready to party and have fun. Sequin and glitter and synonymous, and all eyes will be on you it these beautiful dresses. Celebrities that have been spotted in these dresses include Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Ashanti.

Now, for anyone who is curious, here is what I would have worn to my homecoming dance!


If you guys haven’t heard, Kate Moss is creating another collection for Top Shop! This white Dobby dress comes from her 2007 collection, and I was able to buy it off amazon for about 35 euros, and then I had to get it altered for another 15 dollars or so. I really love the sillohuette of this dress, but I felt it was a little too plain for my style, so I embellished it with a few bold accessories:  




Now, as you can see I went for a Grecian Goddess look for this dance. I picture above is pretty close to the shoes I own, however, mine has a 3.5 inch heel with a 0.75 inch platform in the front.  I also purchased the belt from ASOS, but I used a gift card that my friend wasn’t interested in and got it for slightly more then 15 dollars. The shoes were bought from a secondary designer shop in Philadelphia for about $40. 

❤ Naa

8 thoughts on “Homecoming Dress Styles and Inspirations!

  1. The Polish Influenza says:

    I can’t actually get over how FANTASTICALLY PROFESSIONAL your blogposts are. ❤ you, and I SOOO wish you had been at the dance last night, that dress would have been fabulous and my bday wasn't the same without seeing your lovely face 😉

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