Fashion Fanatic: Top 5 Skins Fashion Icons

Hey Everyone!!!

I am so excited for today’s edition of Fashion Fanatic. I finished my PSAT’s and got caught up on all of my missed HW today, so I decided to celebrate with a very special post today. I love Skins UK with a passion, as it is unique from all of my other favorite shows. Unlike the rich and beautiful young girls from Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, Skins is composed of a rugged and grunge  cast of realistic characters. Skins UK makes shoes such as Degrassi and Pretty Little Liars look like a Very Special Episode on Nickelodeon. Its drastically realistic look into the lives of teens such as drugs, alcohol, sexuality, death and etc. make it an iconic shows of its time, along with its fashion. This is a list of my top 5 female icons from Skins UK:

Icon #5: Series 3 Franky Fitzgerald 



Franky Fitzgerald, the new and shy girl who arrives in Bristol and shakes up things, is the perfect mix of androgyny and femininity. The first outfit appeared in the first episode of season 5, and compromises of primarily masculine staple such as a suit jacket, a button top and a comb-over hair style. This outfit pretty much defines her style throughout season 5, which was meant to be indecipherable from a male. The second outfit appeared in the season 6 episode “Minny & Franky”, and describes her later style which was more urban-inspired, soft and feminine. I approve!

Icon #4: Series 3 Minerva “Mini” McGuinness



Every show needs its resident mean girl: Degrassi had Paige Michalchuk and Holly J. Sinclair, Gossip Girl had Blair Waldorf and Georgina Sparks, Pretty Little Liars had Allison, and Skins has Ms. Mini McGuinness. Mini is known for her queen bee personality and very feminine style. Skirts, shorts spandex and heels are her weapon of choice, along with an assortment of well-fitted outerwear. The first picture appears in her promo, while the second appears in the first episode of season 5. Unlike Franky, Mini has a much less drastic change of style throughout out the series. However, following her relationship with Alo in season 6, her fashion starts to soften along with her personality. 

Icon #3: Series 2 Naomi Campbell



Even her name is that of a fashion supermodel; there was no way that I could exclude Ms. Campbell from the list.  Her liberal and passionate viewpoint match her colorful style perfectly. Naomi was like a much more organized version of Panda’s style. While Panda love disorganization and colors, her clothing came off as too childish and messy. Naomi was able to wear bright colors and patterns while keep some degree of orginization, which allowed her style to be quite impressive. Naomi is definatley in my top three favorite characters, along with her lady love Emily Fitch and our number 1 fashion icon….

Icon #2: Series 1 Cassie Ainsworth



OMG, I just love Cassie’s weird, bubbly and incredible personality. Once again, she is just like Panda with her crazy style, however, her thin frame along with her clothing proportions look much more flattering on her. The picture on the left is from her season 1 centric episode, and shows her original style of bright patterns. The picture on the right is from her season 7 centric episode, and shows the growth in her style through the darker prints and edgy style. This corresponds with the darker feeling of the series, and following her loss of Chris and her father’s depression. 

Icon #1: Series 1,2 and 4 Effy Stonem


I am pretty sure that anyone could have guess who the number 1 fashion icon on Skins would be. Effy Stonem is not only the only character on Skins to appear in three series, but she is also the most iconic character on the show PERIOD. Her style can be described as a grundy and edgy, rocker-chic style composed of short dresses, fishnet stockings and combat boots. However, as one of the most diverse characters of the series, there was no way Effy’s style would stay stagnant. The second dress is a golden, Herve Leger dress that Effy wears in her series 7-centric episode. It still has the sex appeal that Effy bask in, however, it is much more elegant then her past style. I must say, this was not a very hard decision, as Effy will always be my fashion icon. 

❤ Naa

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