BIG NEWS: Ajent Fashion Stylist!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Today I got great news. A few weeks ago, an online fashion stylist company called Ajent contacted me and said that after they reviewed my fashion blog, they felt I would be a perfect match for a styling career. This means that I am now an official online fashion stylist/personal buyer:


Photo: Found here

Now, I am not exactly on the same par as Melanie Pace or Rachel Zoe, however its a great start and job for a teenage fashion blogger. Basically, I am starting off at a $10/hour salary with a 30% pay cut from the company. While this may not seem like much, I have always been a good saver, and I feel that this will be a great way for me to earn some extra money for college–and to stop having to beg my parents for money 🙂 I will be an online fashion consultant for men and women who need a little assistance in the fashion department. My general creed is to find affordable fashion that would look great on my individual clients.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can contact me at:

You can also enter your email to and personally ask for me, and I will get to you in a very reasonable amount of time.

I’m am so excited to be a Style Ajent and I can’t describe how grateful I am to all of my readers and followers for making this possible–I love you all !

If you ever need an affordable fashion stylist or personal buyer, just contact Naa!


Photo: Found here 

❤ Naa

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