black|Up Cosmetics: Newest Products!

Hey Everyone!!!

As a teenager from Western Africa, I have always had a very hard time finding makeup for my skin tone. Large drugstore brands such as Maybelline, Revlon and Rimmel lack any face products that match my skin tone. Even department store brands such as Urban Decay, Estee Lauder and MAC rarely carry the correct shade of my color. For this reason, I recently went on a search for a great drugstore and high-end brand for women of color. For the drugstore products, I decided that Black Radiance and Iman were both great choices. For the high end side, I discovered the hidden jewel that is black|Up Cosmetics. I recently came in contact with the PR coordinator of the company, who sent me some great press releases of there most recent products. Here we go:

NEW Makeup Brushes



Following the lead of companies such as MAC and Sigma, black|Up Cosmetics has come out with a collection of professional makeup brushes. While I don’t own any of there brushes, all of the pictures that I have seen of them look incredible! I love how they are releasing brushes for your face, eyes and lips. This allows for a variety of looks, and will especially helpful to new makeup artist who just require a kit of brushes. 



NEW CC Cream



After my discovery of the IMAN BB cream, I have fallen in love with all types of tinted moisturizers. When the CC cream became a huge hit with all makeup brands, I knew I had to have it. However, I once again struggled with the search for a cream that came in a dark enough shade. black|Up Cosmetics is my fairy godmother, and created a CC cream formulated for women of color. I am beyond excited!


NEW Blushes


Now, if you guys have been a follower of my blog for a while, you would realize that I love me some blush. However, I usually stick to brown and plum tones due to a fear of looking over the top. black|Up Cosmetics has come up with some new, incredibly pigmented blushes that will look great on women of all colors. It comes in 12 shades for women of a lighter, medium and dark skin tones. Check them out!



NEW Lip Lacquers



black|Up Cosmetics is coming out with these beautiful and pigmented lip lacquers. Now, if you haven’t heard of lip lacquers, they are basically lip glosses that act as a stain on the lips. This means that you don’t have to frequently reapply them in order to get that perfect shade. I own many of them from Milani, and can’t wait for black|Up Cosmetics line to come out. 



❤ Naa

17 thoughts on “black|Up Cosmetics: Newest Products!

  1. jacquelyng56 says:

    It really bugs me that the big brands don’t yet recognise that there are a lot of women out there who want to buy make up but just can’t find the right shades! Those blush look nice and will really Pop on nice dark skin tones. I wish I could wear something as bright as that but would just look like a clown. Thanks for the follow. Do you have bloglovin and I can follow you there too? Xx

  2. KizzyDoll says:

    These look so so wonderful!! I’ve always had a hard time finding make-up that suits me. I’m mixed race, so my skin tone is inbetween colours and not everything suits and eye colours are sometimes never strong or bright enough to show up on me. This looks amazing though xx

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