Trend Thursday: Infinity Scarves and Dramatic Contouring

Hey Everyone!!!

It has been too long since I had an edition of Trend Thursday! I have been so focused on creating different regular post ideas that I neglected some of my older post-I’m sorry about that. But no worry; I will be bring back more regular post of Fashion Fanatic and Trend Thursday! For today’s edition of Trend Thursday, I will be concetrating on two trends that have conquered the fashion and beauty world in the colder months for the last few years: infinity scarves and dramatic contouring. Now, for a more in-depth review, here you go:



Now, I love a great scarf for the winter. While coats serve as great warmth for your upper body, the scarf allows for heat to stay in your neck and head, warming the entirety of your body. However, the traditional scarf usually seems to snag and is not very practical. The “infinity” scarf was named this due to its circular shape, meaning there is no end. I love how this accessory is so very flattering on woman with different body types, as the neck is one of those few body parts that does not differ thoroughly person to person. The infinity scarf will not snag or move, and comes in a large assortment of colors and patterns, allowing you to find a scarf that fits your personality. Target and Forever 21 carry great varieties. 



Now, I have noticed that after a woman applies all of their foundation and concealer, they can loose the natural color in their face. This is where bronzer traditionally comes in, in order to add color to where the sun naturally hits the face. However, bronzer can also be used to exaggerate the contours in your face to add shape and dimension. For the winter months, this dramatic shape along with a deep colored lip prove very popular. I am a huge fan of contouring, as it can completely transform one’s face. For a more high-end bronzer, I suggest the Tom Ford Beauty Bronzing Powder and Nars Laguna Beach Bronzer. However, the ELF blush-bronzer duo and the Maybelline Dream Terra Sun Bronzer are great drugstore alternatives. For girls who are either too fair or too dark for traditional for bronzers, I suggest using an eyeshadow as a contour! For fair skinned girl, Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow is incredible (used by Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo) . For the darker skinned girls, MAC eyeshadow in Embark is perfect.

❤ Naa

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