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I know that this may seem a bit early considering Prom Season does not start until March, however, I have heard many a stories of stressed high school girls who regretfully procrastinate looking for that perfect gown. This then leads to settling for a dress that they may not be completely in love with. While I know that there is no such thing as the “perfect dress”, but I believe that every person should look and feel spectacular in their prom dress. Recently, a company known as contacted me and asked if I would be interested in writing a post about their gowns. I was ecstatic, as I actually have known of the company for over two years and love there gowns! Let’s start the post:

Petite Girls = Short Gowns

The word “prom” traditionally conjures up images of long gowns and corsages. However, in this day and age, both short and long gowns makeup the the dances. A short gown looks especially flattering on a petite body type, as it can elongate the body and does not drown the body in fabric unlike longer gowns. Here are three great styles of short gowns for prom:



Picture: 12 and 3

These are my three favorite short gowns in their respective styles. The first gown is a chiffon high-low skirt with sequin beading on the bodice. High-low skirts are very in for the season, as they are the perfect mix of a mini and maxi skirt. They allow for the sex appeal given by a short skirt with the sophistication of a longer silhouette. As an owner of many high-low skirts, I love this type of dress for petite body types. However, I will suggest that one wear very high heels with a dress like this to ensure the “low” part of the skirt does not drag along the ground during the night. 

The second gown is a sequin bustier dress with a tulle miniskirt. This dress is great for petite young girls who want to show off their waist and elongate their legs. The strapless bustier will shape the body to emphasize your curves and decrease your waist, while the flared skirt is incredible flattering the legs.

The third gown is a dramatic chiffon and sequin spaghetti strap gown. This would be the perfect gown for a petite body type with a larger chest, as the straps are great support while the length of the gown will not overpower your short height; the drama of the dress will then makeup for the shorter length.

Pear Body Type = Highlight Upper Body



Picture: 1, 2 and 3

For a prom dress, the concentration is always balance. You want to balance the parts of your body, so that your bust and hips look the same size while your waist looks smaller. For women with a pear body type, or a body type in which your hips are significantly larger then your waist and bust, then you want to send all of the attention to your bust. The first dress is an incredibly popular chiffon dress with sequin beading in the shape of a keyhole neckline. Not only does the flowing silhouette hide the hips, but the keyhole sequined neckline adds a little “oomph” to your upper body.

The second dress is a bedazzled spaghetti strap bustier with a chiffon A-line skirt. Once again, the minimalism of the flowing skirt matches the drama of the bustier perfectly. This is great for pear-shaped body types with a large bust, as the support of the bustier is great.

The first dress is a strapless chiffon gown with a mirror-sequined top. The reason for this dress is similar as the last one, however, it has a slightly different take on the bustier. This is my favorite of the three!

Cone (Inverted Triangle) Body Type = Highlight Lower Body



Picture: 1 , 2 and 3

These three gowns are perfect for woman with a larger upper body than lower body, as it not only has a lot of support for your bust with the straps, however it also emphasizes the lower body. The first dress is a simple V-Neck Chiffon dress with a sequin belt. Not only does the belt cinch your waist, but the v-neck line and halter top decrease the size of your shoulders and the a-line silhouette adds some shade to your hips. 

The second dress is a beautiful high neckline with a sequin design belt. This is my favorite of all of the looks, as it will add incredible support to the body and the beauty of the belt is astonishing. 

The final dress is a one should sequined gown with a full tulle skirt. Now, while the sequin top may add some unwanted attention to your bodice, the full skirt will add some shape to your hips. The one-shoulder neckline is perfect, as it is a mix of the support needed with a strap along with the beauty of a strapless. 

Pure Drama



Picture: 1, 2 and 3

This final dresses are just three dresses for the girls out there who want to bring some major drama to their prom! I love large ball gowns, and feel that a prom is the perfect place to wear something with this much personality. I would recommend the dresses for anyone except for petite body types, as there may be too much fabric. 

All of the dress above are less that $250, a price that some girls double for their prom dresses! They all come from, a store that delivers to over 200 COUNTRIES! 

❤ Naa

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