Fashion Fanatic: Top 5 Glee Casual Outfits

Hey Everyone!!!

I can’t believe that it’s already December!!! It has been exactly 6 weeks since my last Fashion Fanatic post, which concentrated on the style icons of Skins (found here) and I felt that it was about time that I had another post. Today, I will be concentrating on my favorite casual outfits from the hit FOX Musical TV series “Glee”. Glee has been very talented in slowly changing the style of their character to fit their character’s personalities. Here are my top 5 favorite outfits:

5. Santana Lopez on Episode 5×03 “The Quarterback”


The photos above can be found here and here. This particular episode was beautifully crafted, as it not only served as a memorial for late Quarterback Finn Hudson but also an incredible memorial for the actor who portrayed said character, the missed Cory Monteith. The dress itself can be found at Love Culture, and is priced at an affordable $20.00. I love the color-blocked panels on the dress, along with the slim fit on the characters frame. It just adds amazing shape to Naya’s body!

4. Rachel Berry on Episode 4×03 “Makeover”


The photos above can be found here and here. Oh, Rachel Berry, my have you changed! As a faithful viewer of Glee, I have always appreciated Ms. Berry’s talent, but I couldn’t get over the fact that she dressed like a six year old school girl. Fortunately, her style took a turn in season 4 to a mix of preppy school girl chic and sexy starlet. In this outfit, she paired a matching striped sweater and socks with a black mini skirt. This outfit is perfect for a warm autumn day in NYC, as the sophistication of the sweater compliments the sensuality of the skirt. I love it!

3. TIE- Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez in Episode 4×08 “Thanksgiving”


The photo above can be found here and here. Sorry Kitty, but no one can take the position of Glee Queen B from Quinn Fabray. As the cruel mean girl of William McKinley High School who got pregnant at 16 by resident bad boy Noah Puckerman, Quinn’s modest apparel seems very strange, yet adorable. Quinn reminds me of Blair Waldorf, as both young woman are on the top of the social ladder yet choose to dress in a very classy way. Quinn looks radiant in this sequined multicolored dress, navy blue cardigan and riding boots. She keeps the fresh look consisted with minimal makeup and keeping her hair natural.


The photos above can be found here and here. I am in love with the print on this dress, as it is a creative take on vertical stripes. Santana Lopez’s wardrobe concentrates on edgy looks with sex appeal. The body-con fit of this sweater dress is very flattering on the curves and appealing to the eyes. Finally, the black booties match any outfit, and elongates the legs.

2. Santana Lopez in all of Season 4


The photos above can all be found of Fashion of Glee. Now, for the first 3 seasons of Glee, the Unholy Trinity (Brittany S. Pierce, Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez) would usually be seen in there cheerleading uniforms. However, once graduation came around, we got to see the individual style of all of these girls. Santana Lopez has what I love to deem the “Adolescent Chic Aesthetic”. Her use of bold, statement pieces with sexy staples makes her one of my biggest fashion icons. For this reason, I give all of Santana Lopez season 4 and 5 outfits credit!!!

1. Rachel Berry in Episode 4×04 “The Breakup”


The photo above can be found here and here. This outfit is my favorite single outfit in all of ‘Glee’ history! The simplicity of the outfit with its colorless palette is perfect. The white blazer is so well-tailored and sophisticated, yet the black short-shorts and sky high black heels make her gams look incredible! Her wavy, Victoria Secret-esque hair, smokey eye and dewy lip finish off this look. Not only does Rachel have the award for most improved style of all Glee characters, but she may have the best style period.

❤ Naa

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