Palette Palooza: Best High-End and Drugstore Neutral Palettes

Hey Everyone!!!

I have decided to start a new series known as Palette Palooza in which I show my favorite High-End and Drugstore Palettes for certain looks. I am someone who loves palettes, and I am so excited to share my favorite palettes with you. So let’s starte Palette Palooza:



High-End Palettes



The photos above can be found here and here. The Naked Basics Palette retails for $27.00 at Sephora. The shades found in the palette are Venus (a matte, off-white), Foxy (cream bisque matte), Walk of Shame (a nude, beige shade), Naked2 (a matte taupe), Faint (a warm, matte brown) and Crave (an intense matte brown-black). 



The photo above can be found here and here. The Lorac Unzipped Palette retails for $40.00. The shades found in this palette are a mix of matte, satin and shimmering neutrals. The shades on top are Undercover (a matte, off-white), Unbelievable (a shimmering, pink-toned shade), Unattainable (a deep champagne color with shimmer), Unconditional (a true, matte pink), Unbridled (a brown-toned, matte burgundy shade). The shades on the bottom are Undiscovered (a shimmering, true gold), Unreal (a shimmering, gold-toned pink), Uncensored (a medium colored brown with gold shimmer), Unspoken (a medium colored matte brown), and Untamed (a deep, dark brown with gold shimmer). 



The photos above can be found here and here. The NUDE ‘tude Palette retails for $36.00 at Sephora. The shades on the top of the palette are Sassy (a shimmering, pure white), Stubborn (a beautiful, peach shade), Selfish (a gray-tone taupe with a shimmering finish), Sophisticated (a deep bronze-toned shade with gold shimmer), Sexy (a beautiful, matte burgundy shade), and Serious (a matte, true black). The shades that are on the bottom are Snobby (a yellow-toned gold tone with shimmer), Stand-offish (a peach-toned gold shade with shimmer), Sultry (a light brown shade with a metallic finish), Seductive (a true, gold shade with shimmer), Silly (a brown-toned bronze shade with a metallic finish) and Sleek (a matte dark brown shade). 




The photos above can be found here . The i-Divine Palette in Au Naturel retails $9.99 at Sleek Makeup. Sleek Makeup cosmetics are on par with MAC Cosmetics in terms of quality. The swatches above how pigmented the shades are. My favorite shades in the palette are definitely Conker, Regal, Bark and Noir. 


The photo above is the NYX 10 Color Palette in Champagne & Caviar is a beautiful 10-color palette that retails for $10.00 at Cherry Culture. This palette comes in a large variety of neutral shades with differing finishes. The colors look absolutely incredible on those with a warm skin tone. 

❤ Naa

11 thoughts on “Palette Palooza: Best High-End and Drugstore Neutral Palettes

  1. bellafloresa says:

    The nude’tude palette is awesome! I love it 😀 Also, I have a beauty facebook page where I post all my makeup looks, updates, GIVEAWAYS etc etc. The GIVEAWAY I am doing now involves something from BH Cosmetics 🙂 Please like my beauty page 😀 xx It would be greatly appreciated x

  2. Talita Taiti says:

    Love this series! Nude palettes are my favorite, I especially like Naked from Urban Decay. Thx for putting this roundup together, you did a great job!

    PS. love the blog, I’m glad you found me on IFB.

    xx, TT

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