Exciting News – LORAC PRO Palette Giveaway!!!

Hey Everyone!!!
On July 25th, after months of doubts and deliberations, I decided to create a fashion blog through WordPress.com call Adolescent Chic. Now, almost six months later, I have over 2,000 followers on all my platforms and connections to different fashion companies and outlets. I can’t express in word how grateful I am to all of my followers and supporters-so I decided that a giveaway would do just that! Here we go:
The LORAC PRO Palette is a gorgeous eyeshadow palette that includes 16 beautiful shades of matte and shimmer shadows. The palette retails for $42.00 at Ulta.
The following swatch is from Head to Toe. As you can see, the palette includes a vast array of pigmented shades for all different looks. Here is an in-depth review of each shade.
Photo Courtesy of Temptalia 
White – A matte, true white
Cream – An off white, matte shade with a beige undertone
Nude – A true beige with subtle white shimmer
Champagne – A medium beige with a subtle gold shimmer
Photo Courtesy of Temptalia 
Taupe – A light, matte brown
Light Pink – A light, matte pink with an off-white undertone
Gold – A true, antique gold with a shimmer finish
Light Bronze – A light bronze shade with a shimmer finish
Photo Courtesy of Temptalia 
Mauve – A matte purple-tone, pink shade
Sable – A matte warm, medium brown with red undertones
Pewter – A cool, medium brown with a shimmer finish
Garnet – An orange-red shade with a shimmer finish
Photo Courtesy of Temptalia 
Espresso – A warm, deep matte brown
Black – A matte, true black
Deep Purple – A deep purple shade with a shimmer finish
Slate – A gray shade with a shimmer finish
I personally purchased the palette in this giveaway, and I hereby remove any liability from Lorac Cosmetics or Ulta. The giveaway will start on January 15 and ends on February 14, 2014.
❤ Naa

11 thoughts on “Exciting News – LORAC PRO Palette Giveaway!!!

  1. Amria says:

    You did so much is such a short time, teach me how!! ahaha 🙂 Congrats, that’s great, just shows what a good blogger you are, you should be proud! ^_^

  2. suttonsealy says:

    I’ve been trying to find a cheap post alternative to this on Amazon because we don’t have LORAC in the UK but I’ve heard great things and all of the colours are the ones that I use all in one place!

  3. Lucy says:

    I’m so excited! Congrats on your amazing amount of followers, you deserve every one 😀 I’ve been wanting this palette ever since it came out! 😀

  4. colormepeach says:

    I love the loran pro palette! This one wins the cake over the naked palettes in terms of colors, finishes, and price!

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