I’m Going to Mercedes-Benz/MADE Fashion Week! : Ostwald Helgason Review

Hey Everyone!!!


 I can’t tell you how amazing New York Fashion Week was! I met a plethora of amazing people, and attended 6 shows! To be only a teenager and be given such an amazing opportunity is absolutely incredible. Before I started to cover the shows, I wanted to make sure I gave myself optimal time to properly cover each show. On February 8th, I attended the Fall/Winter Ostwald Helgason  show. In the photo above, you can see me and one half of the design team (Ingvar Helgason) posing in a pic (he is awesome!!!). Now, here are some pics of the shows:   


Music: This show had my favorite soundtrack of all the shows that I had the pleasure to attend. The music sounded like a underground remix of popular hip hop and techno music, which just highlighted the modern ambiance of the collection. I very quickly learned that music is a very important factor in creating a show, and the Ostwald Helgason show was incredibly well-versed in this fact. 


 Beauty: The hair and makeup on the models was very sharp and sleek – with little to no bright colors or heavy product. All of the hair styles were either bone straight with a brilliant shine or slicked back in a sophisticated ponytail. This system allowed for the clothes to the stars of the show, as it should be. 




 Clothing: I was completely in awe of the collection. Like most of the general population, I was not as knowledgeable about MADE fashion week in comparison to the more mainstream Mercedes-Benz counterpart. However, this collection (which was the only MADE show I was able to attend) completely blew me away with its futuristic aesthetic and clean cut silhouettes. I suggest this collection to any person who wish for modern clothing with a technology inspired twist.  


 I was given the amazing opportunity to go backstage, and took this photo of the vision board of the collection. All in all, this collection was breath-taking, and I suggest that all bloggers should take the time to read about this superhero designer duo. 

❤ Naa

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