I’m Going to Mercedes-Benz/MADE Fashion Week!: Czar by Cesar Galindo Overview

Hey Everyone!!!



Today I will be writing my first post for a Mercedes-Benz Fashion show that I had the pleasure to attend –Czar by Cesar Galindo! Now, for those who obsessively followed all information even related to Fashion Week, then you would have noticed that many of the shows were sent to an off-site location known as The Hub at the Hudson Hotel. The “fashion show” was actually a live presentation of the collection. Here we go with the overview:




Beauty: Unlike the Ostwald Helgason show, which contained very subtle makeup with sleek hairstyles, the Cesar Galindo show presented a very bold accent of blue hair dye on each model with a strong bronze smokey eye. The look was the most intense of the shows that I was able to attend, which actual proved appropriate for the clothing. 






Clothing: The clothing was absolutely spectacular! The collection was similar to the Ostwald Helgason in the sense that both were metallic heavy, however, it was more concentrated on a classic sophistication with an androgynous tone. The collection was quite the mix of masculinity due to the constructed pants and jumpsuits, however, this only adds to the sex appeal. While I wasn’t completely in love with every piece from this collection, it was only because of my taste. The clothing itself was superb. 



This photo is just a selfie of my hair, makeup and outfit for one of the days – the dress is by Cynthia Rowley!!!

❤ Naa

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