Trend Thursday: Ombre Obsession and Boho Jewelry

Hey Everyone!!!

I can’t believe it is already May 1st! Oh sweet May, a month full of aromatic flowers, everlasting warmth and sensational scenery. One of my favorite aspects of the month of May is the vast amount of fashion opportunities available to loyal slaves of style like myself. The weather is warm enough in order to wear light-weight fabrics such as chiffon and lace while it is cool enough to pair any outfit with some outstanding outerwear. Here are two trends that I am loving for the spring and summer:



Beauty Trend: Ombre Obsession

Now, this has been a trend that really started around 2011, when celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde, Lily Aldridge and Blake Lively took the plunge. Ombre is described as a gradual fading of a certain color in either a light to dark or dark to light direction. In order to achieve the ombre hair style, one must dye their hair in a series of steps in order to perfect the sequential shades of color. I personally think that Ombre is a perfect medium of the beauty of natural, saturated colors and unique contrast. This is one trend that I can’t wait to try out!


Fashion Trend: Boho Jewelry

Boho-Chic is defined as “a style of female fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences.” Now, the Boho-Chic fashion style flared during 2004-2005 when international fashion model Kate Moss and other recognizable icons began dressing in the manner. Since then, the fad has appeared during certain time periods. Boho Jewelry is characterized by the light neutral and bright colors, along with the use of beads and cloth rather than diamonds and gold. I am enamored with the light-hearted appearance that these accessories add to any look. I suggest some long, feather earrings and a bright tribal necklace for the next time you want to try this trend out!

❤ Naa

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