Style Savvy: 4 Summer Fashion Outfit Inspirations

Hey Everyone!!!

Here is my second edition of the seasonal Style Savvy Outfit Inspirations! Today, I will be showing you multiple different ways to dress for the warm summer months while retaining a similar style. As a fashion blogger, I have spent the last year trying to discover my own personal style through experimenting with different trends and closet staples. Through all of my studies, I have found that there is a wide assortment styles, from the dark, punk-inspired roots of Debbie Harry to the classic femininity of Audrey Hepburn, everyone has their own style. So, let’s get to the post:

1. Casual

Casual Summer

This look is perfect for the girl who loves to match style and comfort into the perfect, everyday summertime attire. The all-around staple for the summer months are jean cutoff shorts, as there short length elongates one’s legs while allowing one to stay cool in the heat. A sleeveless wrap top adds a hint of class and beauty to the ensemble, while a pair of light brown sandals are another summer staple. Neutral makeup, chunky sunglasses and a bold handbag finish off this classic summer look with both comfort and beauty.

Preppy Summer

I had to channel my Gossip Girl routes in order to create this Blair Waldorf inspired ensemble. Every Park Avenue Princess has to own her own floral print, A-line dress in order to scroll down the paved sidewalks of the Hamptons. A pair of heeled oxfords and a flimsy sunhat completes this Fahrenheit friendly ensemble, while a chunky designer tote and rose-gold accessories add a hint of sophistication.  Finally, rose colored lips and cheeks along with luscious lashes will have you all ready for a summer to remember!

Boho Summer

For this look, I recycled a dress that was used in my last Style Savvy report, but removed the cardigan and scarf in favor for more weather appropriate attire. For this look, a brown colored weaved belt and similarly colored sandals prove perfect for a less heavy look. For accessories, use an organic tone backpack, a couple of homemade bracelets, chunky sunglasses and dangling earrings in order to add a slightly more bohemian look. In order to complete a suitable makeup look, I suggest an icy-colored pink lipstick shade along with a light pink dust of color on the cheeks.


Now, this is by far my favorite look of the entire collection. In my wildest dreams, I picture myself as a trendsetting fashionista on the same level of Carrie Bradshaw and Aria Montgomery. In my humble opinion, a structured romper is one of the most fashion forward summer outfits that one can don in this day in age, along with a bold colored belt and matching tote. For the windy summer nights, I suggest a floral printed blazer to add more warmth to the sleeveless ensemble, along with a pair of bold stilettos (such as the zebra print pair above). For accessories, I suggest a golden watch and matching earrings along with sheer sunglasses to add some spunk to the look. Finally, for the makeup, I suggest a sexy dark-brown smokey eye and nude lips to add a splash of sex appeal.

Please tell me your favorite look below!

❤ Naa

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