I’m Going to New York Fashion Week: Timo Weiland

Hey Everyone!!!

As you may have seen, I have been in the process of revamping my blog. I am proud to say that I am new owner of my own domain name! I have been writing for Adolescent Chic for over three years now and this blog has given me the opportunity to intern and work at fashion magazines, attend a multitude of fashion shows and interview a vast array of celebrities.

Today, I am covering Timo Weiland’s SS 2017 Women’s Presentation. Here we go:


Clothing: Timo Weiland, along with co-designers Donna Kang and Alan Eckstein, channeled the late 1980’s and 1990’s in this seasons women’s collection. The presentation was adorned by graphic prints, bold colors and flowing silhouettes. I am usually not a huge fan of a flared pant, however, I actually believe that looks 1 and 4 utilized the technique thoughtfully. I am not sure if this collection truly connected to the edgy and emotional aesthetic that was the 1990’s, but as far as wearability and tailoring goes, the collection was quite stellar.


Featured Look:


Accessories and Styling:


Accessories and Styling: The models wore an assortment of accessories including reflective sunglasses, oversized earrings, leather sandals and flat booties. The makeup consisted of purely neutral colors with an incredibly dewy finish. The hair was either made incredibly sleek with sheen spray and hair gel or placed into a messy bun to emulate that “I don’t give a care” 90’s do.


I hope you all enjoyed the post! I’m pretty much done with reviewing NYFW shows for the moment, so I will be sending out some new, original content in the next few weeks. I’ll see you all soon!

❤ Naa

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